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Maji Moto Eco Camp & Maasai school support program

For the last 10 years, Maji Moto Eco Camp and its sister company Eyes on Africa Safaris , have been helping Maji Moto village community and public primary schools in the area.

Maji Moto village is in the remote area of the Loita hills in Kenya. As you know, this semi desert area is home of a Maasai tribe. The Maasai are cattle herders and for the most, livestock is the only way of income. With drought periods increasing, many struggles to provide for their families.

Primary education is free and compulsory in Kenya. Unfortunately, some parents do not remain with many funds to provide their children with school essentials like exercise books, pencils, school uniforms and lunch break meals.

Kenyan primary public school system also has some other serious challenges. The classrooms are congested to the limit that many children sit on a bare floor. The schools have no money for maintenance. Classrooms have broken windows in most schools we visit. Poor or no water and sanitation facilities is another serious problem which leads to outbreaks of diseases. There is a shortage of qualified teachers, especially in the remote areas like Maji Moto.

On a yearly basis, we allocate a part of a profit from Maji Moto Eco Camp towards our school support program. Donations from our guests are also important part of the funds. Depending on how much funds we can raise we decide about the project, always looking at the current situation at schools and what is needed the most.

In the past years we managed to complete a new classroom at Kikurukur primary school, built several water tanks and rain gutters in different schools, maintained classrooms on yearly basis with fresh paint, window and door replacements, new school benches, etc. In 2022, we provided free school lunches for entire year and installed a new water tank. Thanks to our visitors, lots of essentials are also given to children and schools through the year.

At the moment we are helping Kikurukur primary school. The school has grown, and it is now visited by 204 children, learning in four divided classrooms, from Nursery, up to Class 6.

Volunteers visiting our camp and physically helping at school are also special to us. We normally agree on a certain amount which volunteer would like to donate to go towards the school project. We would than plan and organize for the project. We will always donate / work on towards the most needed at the current situation.

Your contribution, on one way or another, will be greatly appreciated! If you would like to donate some money towards our school projects, kindly do so in the “school donation” box which is located at Maji Moto Eco Camp.

If you would like to volunteer, sponsor a child or any other way of helping, kindly send us an email.

Thank you!

Yours Maji Moto Eco Camp Team

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