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Maji Moto Eco Camp is a wonderful place to simply be, to relax and just take in the amazing natural beauty.

Your Host & Guides

Operated by Masai people from the nearby village of Maji Moto, a stay here will immerse you not only in the intense natural beauty of the Loita, but also in the ancient culture and knowledge of the Masai people.


The Camp

Consists of 10 privately positioned Igloo-type of tents, furnished with mattresses, pillows, bedding and towels.


All tents are secluded with private relaxing spot and a view. There are 6 showers and long-drop toilets for our clients to share.


Common structures of the camp (dinning, kitchen, showers and toilets), are built Masai-style using only local materials such as branches, stalks, grass, cow-dung, mud and stone.


Fresh food is brought each day from the village or nearest town.


All meals are prepared by the camp's Masai cook in a simple but delicious way, blending traditional Kenyan and international cuisine.



There is no generator in the camp.


Candles, lanterns, solar-lights and camp-fire are used for light in the evening.


Firewood is collected from our 60 acre forest, and only dry, fallen wood is used.


Solar panels provide electricity for recharging cameras and mobile phones.

Hot Showers

Careful water usage in this dry ecosystem is very important. Toilets are long-drop design to minimize waste water.


Water for showers is brought from the natural hot spring in the village, so water heaters are not needed.


We encourage our guests to take a dip in the spring in the evening.

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